It's a 3rd Generation Book

The history of South Kirkby by the HUTT family, written in 3 books from 3 generations

Memories of South Kirkby (1987)

Author: Mr Fred Hutt, Grandad of Julie JC Hutt

The Northfield Log (1995)

Author: Mr Jim Hutt, Dad of Julie JC Hutt

Memories of Northfield (2020)

Author: Julie JC Hutt

Book Summary

The Fascinating Historical Story of a Small Village, School and Education in the 20th Century


History of South Kirkby during 20th Century

The doctor made his rounds on a bicycle. The corner shop supplied everything from a pin to headache powder and houses were lit using paraffin.


History of Northfield School

Coping with overcrowded classes, hardships of enduring the effects of wars and miners’ strikes, and the everyday problems with pupils, parents and staff.


Past, Present and Future of Northfield School

The nostalgic years of Northfield were special and so to the extraordinary teachers who dedicated their lives to the school.


Who was Jim Hutt?

A teacher, historian and former town councillor. He had a hand in the education of over 2,000 nine to 13-year-old


Pupil Short Stories

School days are the best days of your life! Amazing Memories of Northfield as told by its pupils.

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About the Author

Julie JC Hutt


Julie Hutt grew up in South Kirkby and lived in Holly Cottage at the bottom of White Apron Street. She attended Northfield Middle School from 1981 to 1984. When she attended the school it really was a family affair. Her dad (Jim Hutt) was her English and History teacher, her mum (Sherilyn Hutt) was the dinner lady and her older sister Sharon was also at the school. Julie continued her education at Minsthorpe High School from 1984 to 1987. Julie's first job was at a local coal mining company 'Thyssen' on Langthwaite Grange Industrial Estate, where her career in engineering began. She eventually became a qualified BEng (Hons) Civil Engineer in 2000. Specialising in transportation, Julie lived and worked in the UK, UAE and is now settled, living and working in New Zealand, where she has two daughters, Lucy and Lynda, who are still of school age in Auckland.

Julie has fond memories of attending Northfield Middle School, like so many before and after her. The school is at the core of the village community and plays a significant part in her family. Her Grandad (Fred Hutt) wrote the ‘Memories of South Kirkby’ in 1974, and her dad published ‘The Northfield Log’ in 1995. Forty-five years after her grandad’s work, and on the 25th anniversary of her dad’s book, Julie felt overwhelmed to continue the Hutt legacy with a 3rd generation edition of a book on South Kirkby and Northfield School titled "Memories of Northfield".


Stories about South Kirkby, Northfield School and teacher, Mr. Hutt

Mr Hutt was my teacher in the 70s I REM doing country dancing loved it , there was a lot of discipline and the cane was still given but a lot of respect for the teachers they were all so lovely , remember doing twosie against the wall and skipping at playtime.


Paula Beal

Amazing Teacher, love my years at Northfield the best school years of my life, I once fell down badly when skipping , Mr Hutt telephoned my Mum as I was really hurt, he stayed with me until she arrived , he told my Mum I was the bravest in his class !! I'm 41 now and I've never forgotten xx Nicola


Nicola Lloyd

I loved him playing his music in assembly I was also in his class which was a museum really the things he had I wonder where there are now 1 of the best teachers id ever had firm but fair you were a clown he treat you like one being a human being though he could learn you something really interesting and useful a treat you like a young gentleman.


Ian Pallett

I'm going back, about 70years, and I remember after our lunch we had to go in the hall and lie down on canvas fold up beds ,get covered up with red blankets and go to sleep for at least 1hr. There was know such thing as going to school for a couple of hours in a morning, or a couple of hours in the afternoon, you had to go for a full day, 9am till 4pm. All those years ago everyone was friends with all their class mates, there was no such thing as bullying and gangs, like there is today. We all loved school and we had a fantastic time, well I know I did.


Pat Cook

I remember Mr Hutt playing classic music in assembly, the one piece that sticks in my mind and I still listen to once in a while is the flight of the bumble bee!!


Lindsey Beer

This has brought a lump to my throat! Such a fantastic teacher, a gentleman, a family man. Great comments, such a legacy. Well done Julie, this is amazing!


Howard J Manda

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